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Spring Interior Design Tips: Refresh and Recharge Your Surroundings

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Spring Interior Design Tips: Refresh and Recharge Your Surroundings

Read Design

spring interior design in modern home

Energize your home for Spring with these interior design tips.

Spring always comes with beautiful flowers, birds and plenty of green buds on your trees, and this revitalization can easily be reflected in the interior design of your home. To refresh your décor this season, focus on sky blues, moss greens, and floral tones. This is the perfect time of year to incorporate a few feminine touches into the design of your home.

Home Accent Pieces Are Key

At Read Design we believe that a little can go a long way. Home accents, such as throws, cushions, and decorative vases can make a big impact on your interior design. Fresh fruit on the table brings automatic life into a room, while also offering the opportunity to color match. A bowl of lemons, for example, invites bright yellows and greens in the form of a tablecloth, placemats, photo frames and dishware.

Bring In the Outdoor Furniture

If you have the space for storage, Spring provides ample opportunity to swap out your oversized furniture for some lightweight pieces. A white wicker loveseat and matching chairs in your sitting room give you the chance to display some country chic to guests and family.

Bringing outdoor furniture styles into your home is a pleasant reminder of the beautiful weather outside. A wooden bench in your entryway or a rustic bistro table in the kitchen creates tranquil garden imagery without ever leaving the house.

Brighten Your Walls

You don’t have to paint your home in neon colors to brighten up walls and floors. Instead of focusing on bright, aim for light. The color white makes small rooms appear bigger and can open a space up by helping natural light bounce from surface to surface. If you want to include some vibrancy, you can change the colors of window treatments and rugs. An accent wall performs the same trick, emphasizing a color without overwhelming the space.

Another Spring interior design wall trend that is popular this year is floral motif wallpaper. Rather than aging your home with the busy prints of the 1990’s, modern designers are using a white silhouette over a solid color to incorporate flower power into their décor.

Introduce Some Life to Your Space

Nothing says Spring quite like a vase of tulips or the bright green of a well-watered fern. Bring your home to life by inviting the outside inside. Your local seasonal nursery is sure to be well stocked with hanging plants, climbers and small indoor trees to add a punch of green to interior design projects in your home. If you suffer from allergies, don’t stress! Faux plants work just as well. From silk flowers to plastic shrubs, you can find a large range of greenery that provides the same nature vibe without all the added pollen.

For more Spring interior design tips or inspiration, stop by Read Design today!